Healthier is Wealthier

Investing in health makes more economic sense
Healthier is wealthier. In addition to the fact that there is an intrinsic value of health and that health is
a human right, the economic case for investing in health is robust. Good health is not only an outcome of, but also a foundation for, development. Healthy individuals are more productive, earn more, save more, invest more, consume more, and work longer, all of which have a positive impact on the gross domestic sector, and the government. Investment on health care not only include effective research facilities or increase medical supplies but public awareness. The potential consumers of health care services ranges from government officials,medical practitioners down to the least in the hierarchy.Medical tourism are mostly employed by government officials whose incapability have left the poor patients to forcefully rely on the challenged services in the country. The costs of health care is on the rise which may mean that the individual has to forego treatment. Second, to pay for health care, some may sell productive assets or incur debt. Third, health care costs can have a catastrophic impact and push people into, or more deeply into, poverty. For the poor to be more effective and efficient necessary care and knowledge has to be given to those works under the hot sun not only those that sit on the comfortable chair


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